Help with engraving fonts

How do I engrave this font? Is it a single line font or is there a special bit to carve in one pass? Regular fonts have 2 lines and it leave a groove in the middle like a V bit.

It could be a single line font, or a very wide font which is very narrow.

A free option is the Hershey fonts which can be accessed in Inkscape:

There are some commercial options such as


I asked this recently and the answer was “stick fonts”. But yeah, single line fonts. Then pick a bit with the profile you want. In your photo, it looks like a ball nose endmill made that.

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Thank you for your help. I also have a Silhouette and Cricut for vinyl cutting but to use a pen to draw it takes a single line font. Just asking if there was any other font to do engraving and a bit to use like the pic. Your right a ball nose would be a good choice because I tried a V Bit and it wasn’t good. Any recommendations on a place to get a good ball nose bit? Making the alphabet for my great grandson to learn letters and spell.

How big are you trying to make the letters? I’ve got the 1/8 (0.125) from carbide3D that came in the shapeoko starter pack that would probably be what I would start out trying. The deeper you go, the wider it will get, up to the diameter of the tool. They also sell 1/16 and 1/32 ball nose in the carbide3D store but I think those would be too small for most items for a small child. If anything, you may want to go bigger than 1/8. Up to 1/4 or even 3/8, depending on how big the letters will be.

This is with 1/2 inch tall letters and 1/8 inch endmill, 1/16 inch depth. Tool number 101 in carbide create.

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Those letters look really good. I am going to carve on a 2.375 x 2.375 x .375 square. Upper case on one side and lower case on the other side. So, I am thinking around 1" to 1.25 tall? What’s your thought about using the #202 1/4" ball bit or maybe the #101 would work like you talked about?

You can play around with the numbers in carbide create and then use the preview to get a feel for what it’ll look like. This is 2.375" stock in the Y direction with 1.25" tall letters and a 0.25" ball nose (tool 202) .0125" deep.

That looks great!!
Thank you for all your help. I will order the #202 ball nose tool for the project.
Thanks again

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