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tennessee.dxf (365.1 KB)

It seems like everything I design in Fusion 360 gives me fits when trying to import into CC as a DXF or SVG. Attached is a dxf export from Fusion. I can send the F3D if needed but it is too large to attach here. Thank you in advance for any assistance!

Hey @dylan, Welcome to the community!
I can look at that dxf a little later, but can I ask why you’re going from Fusion to CC? Why not generate toolpaths in Fusion?


I’ve done CAD for a while but I’m new to the CAM side of things and this is a time sensitive project and don’t know if I can learn how to do it in fusion as quick as I need

Did you draw the sketch in Fusion? It has a lot of broken paths.

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Hi, I’m dylans dad, he’ll be embarrassed about this and I had to coerce him to ask for help, he just turned 13, he got the shapeoko for his birthday, he knows way more about this stuff than I do.

Most of the things he creates in fusion have issues porting over to carbide create, I suspect broken paths is on the right path :). But how do we find the broken paths and how do we avoid them in the future?

And I concur, if you can design it in fusion, why not use fusion to do the gcode… answer is because we barely know what we’re doing in carbide create and ya only had the machine since April :).

Thank you everyone for your help!

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@stewartad1 and @dylan Questions like this are posted on the forum and the time. Absolutely no reason to be embarrassed. If anything, be proud that you’re 13 and have some skills that many adults here won’t even try.
By coincidence, I’m a middle school teacher. I teach CAD, robotics, and electronics. I’m happy to help find a way to get from the Fusion file to Carbide Create. Can you guys share the Fusion file? You can get a link to it by logging in to Share the link here, and I (along with anyone else that may chime in) will be happy to help.
I’m not sure why the sketch is coming out that way with the broken paths, but they can always be fixed or worked around. For 2D stuff like this design, I’d recommend getting a good base in Inkscape as you get more into your CAD.

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here is the fusion file

Think you can add the text back in Create?
Right Click --> Save Image As

Can’t really explain here what I did.
Tried to clean up Fusion File to the point where I could get a decent export.
Then did a lot of node joining in Inkscape…gave up on the text (easy to add elsewhere).

If you want, I can do a little tutorial on how I’d create that design (or similar) outside of Fusion. Those 3D parametric designs can get a bit messy when you’re doing what is essentially 2D art.

Here’s one I played around with that took a fraction of the time in Inkscape.

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Thank you for the help


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