Help with juice groove in some boards

I made a some cutting boards for a family member and they’re all 14 inch circles with different woods in the boards. That said, my family member was asking about a possible juice groove that’s 1/4 inch wide / 1/4 inch deep and that runs all the way around the board about 1 inch in from the outside of the circle. I found an appropriate bit on tools today site that I now own. Amana Tool 45904 that should give me what I’m looking for.

Since these are already done and made circles, (novice question) but how would I make that happen? Do I find center of the circle and just zero z with the touch probe or board itself with a 14 inch circle and juice groove drawn up in CC?

That is what i would do. Since you don’t have a corner work from the center.

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Yes, that is a good plan. If you are nervous you could set your Z-Zero and inch above the board to “air-cut” the project first. Allowing you to watch it make the circle and verify everything looks good before committing to cutting.

Be sure to have a good work-holding solution, as holding a round object can be difficult.

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That’s a great idea on the “air cut” method first! I was just going to do the ole’ painters tape and ca glue method seeing as these juice grooves are only .25" deep. So I don’t see it being able to move during these light passes to get me there.

Perhaps you just didn’t say it, but you need to back that round thing up into a corner before you set the center zeros and glue it all down with tape-n-glue method.

Then you’re set for doing the other boards one after another, and since they’re round there’s no indexing involved.

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