Help with Meshcam tool change workflow

I Started using Meshcam when I purchased my Nomad for 3d jobs and I have been using it with the XXL that I purchased last fall It has never given me a problem.I am planning on setting up a job using different tools for the 3d work that I am doing. I would like to use a smaller endmill for the finish pass and the cutout. Can someone point me in the right direction so that I dont mess up the CNC or the cut job.

You need to generate one gcode file for the roughing passes only (don’t check the finish pass boxes) then go back and do it again with only the finish pass boxes checked. You then have to remember to change tools after the first file is run, and before you run the second.

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Thank You!!I would imagine that I will have to rezero the Z as well after the tool change?

Yes, you will need to rezero z. Make sure to use someplace that will work for your Z zero (ie. bottom of stock -> wasteboard, or someplace uncut on the top of the stock)

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