Help with restarting a cut

I need some help our advice. Last night my computer decided to restart in the middle of a project. The only way I knew to get it to finish the cut was delete out what was cut out on Carbide Create. Then use start from center and align everything to the center point and start the cut again with a new G-code and re-zeroing to the new spot. The finishing cut was not perfect it was off a very tiny bit. Am I doing this wrong? Is there an easier way to restart the exact cut, specially if your not happy with the depth of the cut?

We just had a discussion on this:

When designing a part or fixture I like to have a couple of reference points which will allow me to locate the origin and the X and Y planes.

If you keep track of the Line # in Carbide Motion you can have a rough idea of where to re-start at — edit the G-code file to delete most of what has already been cut (I like to back up the file to the previous major Z down move)


Yes that’s over my head.

Did you watch the training videos?

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As @RichCournoyer has suggested in many previous threads, write down your machine position (relative to home) before zero’ing. I believe the CM controller persists your last zero to non-volatile memory, however if that’s corrupted you can still get back to your previous origin.

If you choose to not edit your G-code to eliminate all the previously executed steps, start the job over and consider the repetitive cuts as a “finishing” pass.

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