Help with speeds and feeds

I’m getting ready to v carve in pine using bit 302. Nothing special just words Reid home est nov 1991 crystal and Stephen. Cc is showing almost 3 hours. Any help with resetting speeds n feeds to cut time.

Which version of Carbide Create? Are you using the soft wood setting in CC451?

I’d suggest starting with those and then testing per:

Cc is build 431 I’m using

Please try the updated version and its curated feeds and speeds:

For bit 302 I normally use 30 ipm feedrate, 0.1 max depth but 25 ipm plunge (I have a HDZ. without HDZ likely do 15) but also make sure your retract height is not very high (like 0.06" if you don’t have clamps to clear).

depending on the type of wood and how comfortable you are with your machine, you can likely bump the 30 ipm up

tip 2 is to do each word separately as a toolpath; for a specific toolpath, the deepest cuts determines how many iterations you get, and the WHOLE toolpath gets them. If you have small and large words (or even capitals) splitting them into separate toolpaths is a good idea usually

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Good point. A G-Code utility may be able to post-process the file for more efficient cutting.

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