Help with the proper tool and project setup in carbide create


I am attempting my first aluminum project in carbide create to perform with my Nomad 883 and there are some things I’m not sure if I have right in the software. I am most confused about adding a new tool.

I am trying to etch out a leaf design and then cut it out to make a small pendent.

Here is my stock setup

This first operation I want it to do is etch

But I feel like I am not adding the tool correctly. I don’t know what the flute length is and when I try to enter the angle in it won’t save.

These are my cutout toolpath settings

And this is the simulation…with definitely doesn’t look right.

I’m an extreme beginner at this so any insight I can get on setting up this project in the software correctly would be wonderful!

~ Nell

RexBegonia.c2d (1.6 MB)

The #502 is intended for PCBs, not general use.

Unfortunately, Carbide Create won’t take its radiused tip into account.

These settings from: should work:

but when homing, please use a feeler gauge of a thickness to make up for the tip.

Note that V endmills in Carbide Create are only properly previewed in 3D when used for V carves. You’ll need to offset the paths to create a closed region you can use for a V carving to adjust for that lack.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me this info!
Its really helpful, though I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. (darn day job)

I am also looking at Fusion 360 as a software solution and I’m looking through its courses now. I’m assuming adding custom tools/endmills is a similar process in that?

Presumably. They also have an option to load them from XML files, see:

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