Help with Toolpath Issue

Hey all, I’m new to CNC (my Shapeoko 5 Pro 4x4 just arrived today!) and I’m trying to path out my first project and I’m having some issues with a toolpath on Carbide Create Build 756.

I’m trying to make a sign with Witty’s Woodshop cut out, and everything is working great except my pocket toolpath is including the inside of the S in Witty’s instead of pocketing around it. All of the other letters are working as intended.

I had to do a hexagon with a boolean weld around it to get an outline, and I’m now seeing the bottom portion is magenta, which I’m thinking is an issue, but no idea why that would impact the S or how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There must be a minute break in the outline of the S

As Jason mentioned, the W & S should be split between the pocket & the contour, and then joined.

You should have the pocket set up like this


And the contour like this


Together, there should be a little overlap above & below the W & S so the pocket cuts outside the contour a bit.



Thank you all for the help, I was able to finagle it and get the S to be excluded! Now to go figure out how to actually use the machine I just put together…

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