Help with Z-Axis (Yes I have reviewed the Forums :) )

Hey Everyone, Love the forum for trouble shooting and I have sent an email to the support email. I am a new Shapeoko Pro XXL Owner and have VCarve Pro.

I recently set up my machine after spending a decent amount of time building the supporting table etc.

I initially had some wiring difficulty which I sorted out on the forums (Thank you all for the help).

My 2 new problems are I set up Bitsetter per the instruction manual and updated the machine configuration in CM a CCv7.

I looked for forum questions for similar problems and found: “Z-Axis won’t go down far enough.”

Using Guy Donham’s checklist:

  1. The first think that happens when you initialize is the Z axis goes up and activates the Z homing switch. (Check - it does that)
  2. Then the gantry moves the Z axis to the back right corner. Check - it does that)
  3. After homing if the BitSetter is activated, it moves to the front center and asks for a bit. (Check - it does that)
  4. Then the router moves over to the BitSetter and probes - HERE IS WHERE things stop - I get a probe error and the either stops or the program shuts down.

I have tried disconnecting the Bitsetter and running the configuration and it will go all the way through the initiation and end in the back right corner waiting for my instructions.

I have verified I am using the correct Machine and Z-Axis in settings

I have reset the gantry to the middle back before re-initializing, as someone suggested, without change.

Any suggestions on fixing the BITSETTER error? Or can I reset the whole system and try and re-install the BITSETTER?

Lastly, my previous problem of wiring my gears would grind because of the limit switch configuration. That’s fixed but when I shut off the power and move the gantry it isn’t smooth. I’ve checked the belts and their doesn’t appears to be any damage to them. Any suggestions? Maybe I’ll check the motor teeth to see if they are damaged. I can send a video later when I get home.

Any help would be appreciated. The future question will be making sure I have the correct sequence for initializing the machine and Vcarve Pro. But I’ll watch some video on that before I ask for help.

V/R, Tony (aka Devildoc87)

Things to check:

  • correct Z-axis configuration? Z-Plus?
  • machine configuration?

Will, Yes and Yes. It was working until I installed the bitsetter…then…

Do you have a BitZero? Where is the ground lead for it?

Something you did not say is did you jog your BitSetter so the bit is centered directly over the BitSetter? You have to tell the Shapeoko where the BitSetter is so it can go over and hit the button. You jog over to the center of BitSetter and open the configuration and check your BitSetter on and use the current location to locate the BitSetter.

If you do have the BitSetter positioned so the router is sitting over it then does the RED light come on when you manually push the button down. It should turn on when you push the button all the way down. If the red light does not come on then check the wiring. If the light does come on then check your configuration for the Z travel. If your Z cannot get down far enough to touch the BitSetter button it could be a mechanical problem with the Z axis or the configuration in the amount of travel the Z can travel. So turn off your BitSetter and jog over to the BitSetter and jog down until the router bit hits the button. If the machine can jog and touch the button it is not configuration. If the machine cannot jog down far enough to hit the button some people have had mechanical issues. So turn off your machine and see if you can manually turn the lead screw and get the Z to go far enough down to hit the button. If you cannot get the machine to manually go down far enough then start looking for mechanical problems.

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Will, Yes I have a BitZero and the ground is away from anything metalic. :slight_smile:

Guy, I am able to run the system until after I acknowledge a tool, then it jogs over to bitsetter it drops about an inch then gives me a PROBE ERROR.

I can manually jog it down to the bitsetter with z jogging. However the bitsetter light is always on, not sure if it’s supposed to be and pressing the probe button makes no difference.

On the CM settings interface the probe shows always on. The limit switches are intact.

Maybe a faulty bitsetter? or wired wrong?

I had this same issue with my xxl pro. After contacting support, they sent me a replacement bitsetter switch and extension cable. Problem went away and didn’t come back.

Sounds like you’re having the same issue. Contact

The BitSetter light is off until depressed either manually or when the bit hits it. So you seem to have a BitSetter issue. The controller knows the position of the Z axis and expects to take some time to hit the button. If your light is on the controller is erroring out. Find out why your BitSetter light is on. Some people have their button stuck down and a sharp rap with a plastic screw driver handle will usually fix that. Then operate the button over and over to make sure it wont stick.

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