Help working with dxf


I’m working with my brother to make something on an S3. He created the model in Rhino and i am trying to bring it into carbide create as a dxf. I’m getting a little stuck with what we are doing wrong.

bottom 2004LT2004.dxf (195.0 KB)

  1. I can get the file to import into carbide create. It comes in WAY to big, so i’m guessing that it is bringing the model in as inches and we created in mm? Not a big deal to fix as i can likely convert on his end to avoid rounding issues in carbide create.

  2. I want to inside cut the yellow areas (to stock bottom) and just pocket the blue area ~30mm but i cant figure out how to work with the file I imported. When i go to create tool paths everything breaks because of the blue pocket area.

  1. When i drag stuff around in the model this part separates from the rest of the lines. Is there a way to join everything together?

  1. I tried to import the part into inkscape and do a combine on every line. It looks like what I want, but when i import into carbide create it changes. Not sure what to do next…


I appreciate any help or tips send my way. I’m still very new so I do all my design work directly in carbide create… just trying to find a good work flow to allow my brother to make some of his Rhino designs on the Cnc.

We have a bit on closing paths here:

There should be a bit in:

That guide on the shapeoko website is exactly what i needed. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction

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