HEPA Dust Extractor Comparison

(Craig) #1

Here’s an interesting Read and video on HEPA Dust Extractors.

This is not a Shop Vac comparison. Dust Extractors are different from Shop Vacs, so let’s keep shop vacs out of this thread. I will ask moderators to remove any shop vac posts in this thread so it stays relevant o the topic. If you feel the need to discuss shop vacs, feel free to start your own topic.

(William Adams) #2

That article was one of the reasons I felt justified when I Drank the green Koolaid

I’ve since trimmed the transparent tubing a bit shorter (may go shorter still) and I’ve been really pleased with it, but haven’t found occasion to cut the new dust shoe.

(Mark Walker) #3

I’ve been considering upgrading to a Fein mainly because I heard that it was quieter than the DeWalt and the Festool. But if I’m reading the chart correctly, they claim the Makita is the quiet choice. But they don’t spend much time on it.

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