Hey Apollo - I see your Knight and raise you a


Your move, Apolloness… :smile:



Very nice rook. What were your cutting parameters, tool-feeds and speeds…?

To see (call) and raise you need to first match the original bet (Knight) :smile:

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Challenge accepted

And feeds / speeds for the minion rook were 40ipm / 10ipm for the rough, and 50ipm / 20ipm for the finish pass.

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Challenge accepted!
What material is that?
It has a great “tiki” look

Cherry hardwood :smile:

I have a bunch of 8" x 8" x 1" cherry blanks that I cut 3 x 2 x 1 blocks out of. So I’m locked and loaded and ready to respond to your next flip-jig creation.

Your move Apollo :smile:

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Great job on the rook, the finish quality is beautiful…

What cutter and settings are you using?

I ran the cut again and used these settings, which worked out great

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