Hi can anyone tell me how to design this

How do I design this Please

I’ll guess at the dimensions… 0.75 dia, 0.1875 hole, 0.5 tall, Scallop is 0.25 deep in the center.

Create 2 circles for the outside & hole. Create a rectangle at least 0.375" longer than the part on each side.


On the Model tab, select the circles & create a component

Now select the rectangle and create a component



That you so much for that information.

OOPs got that far but how do I turn it into a toolpath

Add offset geometry and then cut with suitable tooling as 3D Rough and then 3D Finish toolpaths:’


Thanks Pal, appreciate your taking the time

I would cut the contour with a 3D finish path, then cut the hole & profile with 2D paths.
I like climb cutting, so I would offset the hole & profile & cut the offset curves.


Black is the actual part. Red is the offset curves I use to force climb cutting

ErnieHattSpacer.c2d (348 KB)


How does that offset force climb cutting?

For the hole, If I select the actual hole vector (Black) CC wants to conventional cut (Green)
If I offset by the diameter of the tool & select that vector (Red), it conventional cuts that vector, resulting in a climb cut on the actual hole wall. (Blue)


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Is there some logic that one can count on here?

I just cut this piece the morning and noticed the outer circle was counter clockwise and the inner was clockwise. These came into CC as an SVG so there was no internal offset going on.

I think you answered your own question. Cutting outside a circle the tool will go CCW, inside a circle it will go CW. i.e. Conventional cutting always cuts on the right side of the curve, so the choices should really be Outside/Right, Inside/Right. The material/curve will be to the left of the cutter as it moves forward, the cutter will be to the right of the curve.

Specifying the Cutter Direction (Milling)

Conventional cutting does 2 things, it pushes the chips being removed away from the material, and the deflection force on the tool will be toward the material.
Climb cutting the cutting edge is moving into the material throwing the chips behind the cutter, and the deflection force pushes the cutter away from the material.


Thanks for the explanation. I will try to work this into some projects intentionally now.

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