Hole center finding for datum reference

How do I go about finding the center of the hole the edge finder is inserted in? Assuming this is the sort of edge finder to do this.


Is the material conductive? If so, it should work to clip the ground lead to a probing pin in the spindle, jog it into the hole, put the BitZero upside down on the material, then probe for X and Y — untested and not supported, but it should work.

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Yep, it’s carbon fiber. I’ll try your suggestion but I would still like to know if I can use the Fowler electronic probe to find the center.

For the electronic probe, I guess it would be:

  • insert probe into hole
  • jog along one axis until probe activates — note that coordinate
  • jog in opposite direction until probe activates — do math using the two coordinates to determine center and set origin for that axis

repeat last two steps for other axis


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