Hole in Four, but to large?

In the attached file, I think I have 4 holes tor contour through the material.

The radius is set at 0.125 in and the bit is a 1/4".
The holes, all come out at 15/32 in.

Shouldn’t they be 1/4" ?

If I doing something wrong, I have been able to be consistent with it 3 times now. Help !

Testing flip hole settings.c2d (56 KB)

Hey Frank, this is caused by having the machining operation set as “no offset”

so the center of the bit is actually following the hole outline.

If you set it to “inside” you should get what you’re looking for however if the hole diameter is deemed to small in comparison to the bit the toolpath will be empty, so you’ll want to use a smaller bit (1/8") or make the hole larger.

Alternatively use the drill operation.


Duh! Makes sense. I should have thought about that. THANKS

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