Hole in free board

Hello every body.
i would to know how to make a gride of hole, like in waste board but without cutting the exterior area.
i wouldlike to know whit using meshcam an rhino 3d, because i never use carbide create…
So i juste want o make a gride of simple hole '12 mm diam ) spcing by 44 mm , without cuting the end of the board.
thanks guys and sorry for my bad english.

One way to do this is to us CAM | Machine Region to define whereyou wish to machine

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Creating a full 3D model in order to drill a grid of holes sounds pretty complicated to me.

I know you specifically said you don’t want to use Carbide Create, but for something like this it would be a better choice.

if you’re really intent on not using it, then check out Tim Foreman’s Perl script for drilling holes:

Tim’s blog post about his tool chain: https://timf.anansi-web.com/wp/my-cadcamcnc-tool-chain/

Girhub link to the script: https://github.com/twforeman/g-code-generators

Personally, I use VCarve for drilling holes. It has a tool to very easily create a grid of anything, including holes. Of course, it’s not free, so if you only need it for this, it’s probably not worth it.

I use VCarve and MeshCAM, but they have very different purposes…

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Using a solids modeler for a basic mechanical design task is probably the best strategy.
Create a simple volume that describes your stock, in this case the spoil/waste board.
Then define the location where you want the sea of holes to begin (XY) on the stock. Next create a square pattern using the circle that you just defined at the zero point (XY) of the pattern to propagate the circle along X axis and Y axis. Then you can create the tool paths off of that, but that is another can of worms.:wink:

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I try ,I succeed! best solution ! Very easy! Thanks for this rapide response! 7 min for 56 holes 10mm prof! I will gain a lot of time! Thanks to all contributors !