Home Depot Router table


Purchased two of these to use with the Pro.

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I recently purchased a used XL and it came with one of those tables in white. I love it. The drawers hold all the accessories and since the top is adjustable it has been a very good work table for the XL. The top on mine is 24 x 48 and the XL is 24 X 45 so that gave me enough room to put a dust collection boom on the side. I would not have bought the table without getting it in t he deal but earlier this week I bought 6 2X12x8 treated lumber and it was $212.00. The lumber is for some outdoor furniture for my grandson. So building a wooden table would compete with the turnkey table like you bought.

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This is the 46” table over the three drawer cart.

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Bought two of the white version with drawers. Put them back to back but the legs end up keeping you from being able to push the tops flush. Take a while to level the two tips but seems like a good temporary solution for me until a more permanent enclosure can be made. Not bad desks for $230, height adjustable with drawers. Nice upgrade would be getting beefier casters.