Homemade HDZ Suckit ears?

Hey everyone, I was just curious whether anyone has made their own HDZ ears for the Suckit dust shoe, and if so whether they could share the overall dimensions of the pieces? I’m thinking of trying to make them myself, since I am not sure when they will be back in stock (and I hear there are some QC issues with the recent ears?)

I just finally got my Suckit a few weeks ago, and then ended up ordering my HDZ earlier than I thought I was going to. It just arrived yesterday, and I am hesitant to set it up until I have dust collection solved. And I still have to wait for the Suckit expansion kit to arrive, which I know can take awhile from the Suckit site.

But I am also really, really bad at waiting. To the point where I was considering just picking up a PwnCNC boot. But that is just throwing away money, since I just spent $$$ for my SuckIt, which I love. And these things ain’t cheap.

So I’m torn. Either a) set up the HDZ tomorrow and deal with the mess for a few weeks until I get the parts, b) wait in agony to install the HDZ until the supply chain has a chance to catch up, or c) throw some money at the PwnCNC so I don’t have to deal with my own impatient ass.

It’s hard being a CNC junkie.



Whoa, yes. Thank you!

Would your cut these from aluminum? Would 1/4 be too thick? I haven’t looked to see if the extra would cause clearance issues?

I was thinking hardwood, I haven’t messed with aluminum before, and am a bit intimidated lol. It sounds like it won’t matter too much if those holes are threaded if I use nuts and longer screws. I only just finished installing my HDZ, so I haven’t checked yet to see what the clearance looks like.

So I ended up putting the HDZ together without dust collection for now, and I love it. The HDZ I mean, not the dust. That is getting everywhere. I’m rubbing it out of my eyes when I wake up in the morning. But the HDZ — that is just a beautiful hunk of engineering.

As for dust collection, it appears that Carbide has removed the suckit ears from the store altogether, I’m getting a 404 error for that page. I wonder if they are being discontinued?

Either way, it looks like I’ll have to go ahead and make my own suckit ears tomorrow. I think I’m going to give purpleheart a try, since it’s such a dense wood. I’ll also shoot for the standard 4mm width and see how that goes. I’m a bit concerned about getting the limit switch nice and tight for reliability, since I can’t really thread the holes. But I’ll see how it goes.

One question — does anyone know the size of the screws that come with the ears to mount them to the HDZ? I’ll need to see if I can find something at the local hardware store. And Is there anything else you anticipate I might need? I’m guessing I’ll also need to pick up some longer screws for the limit switch, since the holes in the ears won’t be threaded. Thanks for any suggestions!

M5 should do the trick

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Thanks Luke. I got the ears made and attached, and they are perfect. Nice and tight. And now my machine has wood paneling, like a 1970s station wagon, which is pretty sweet.


Pics! Or it didn’t happen.