Homing after probing failure

An issue I have encountered is when the probing fails the spindle moves home. Today, I was probing my zero and I was just above the height limit where the probe tries to touch, probably less than .5mm or so and the probing stopped and the spindle moved back. It can be difficult to judge the height to start from in certain situations. I think that when probing fails, it should ask do you want to home or move the spindle before re-probing. I understand that if the ground wire is not attached, it would miss steps but not in all cases.


I’ve complained about this recently. I miss hitting the height too often, would be nice if it was an inch rather than just half that…


I would like $x to be respected in this case.

I know that the probe has failed but I also know that the position has not been lost due to a crash… if the alarm is manually cleared then carbide motion shouldnt force a homing operation. Many other gcode senders allow this.

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Agreed, even requiring an acknowledgement and then a retry would be nice