Homing issue Z-axis

Just put the pro XXL together today and tried to do the whole homing process. I’ve read else where that homing is supposed to be going to the back right and up. I sent all the settings/config for the pro XXL in carbide motion. Unfortunately, the router is going down. On carbide motion it is saying that the Z input is already triggered. The blue light indicator is also lit. I’ve checked/double checked the wiring so I think that’s straight. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

The first step in the homing process will be to attempt to raise the router until it hits the top limit switch. Then, with the router raised, it’ll move to the back-right corner.

If the first thing that happens is that the router is going down, then there may be an issue with one of the cables that feeds the Z-motor. If the first thing that happens is that the X-axis tries to move first then you probably have swapped X and Z motor cables (as I did my first attempt).

Assuming that the router is dropping at first, one question would be whether it’s actively going down or just dropping due to weight. If actively going down, then there’s some crossed wire that you can’t fix without a replacement. If just dropping from it’s weight, then there’s probably a break in one of the connections for the Z-axis motor.

Send an email to Carbide3D support describing the problem and ask to have a phone call back. Have your smart phone ready and they’ll send you a link that will let you show them a live video of what’s going on. In my experience, once they see what’s going on they’ll debug it really quickly.

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Doors it keep moving down or just move down a bit and then fail?
This sounds like a limit switch issue rather than a motor wiring issue.

If it turns out to be the motor, you can reverse the direction with your $3 setting.

It moves down a bit then fails. It’s almost touching the waste board. Is there any manual way to move it back up? How do you change the direction of the motor?

Try disconnecting the Zee homing switch, and re home the router. if it starts moving up, instead of down, then you know it’s an issue with the homing switch. if it still goes down, disconnect the Zee switch connecto at the board. if it then goes up, you’ll know it’s in the wiring harness.

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Which do you recommend I disconnect? The 8-plug one? Or does it not matter?

Just break the connection somewhere… Doesn’t matter.
Be ready to power off. If it’s going up without a switch it’ll crash.

So good news… router went up. I unplugged the z-limit by the actual sensor. What now?

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When the red led on the switch lights up, it’s it as bright as those on the X and Y switches?

I would inspect the Zee switch wiring all the way back to the control board, and double check the connectors to see that the wiring matches.

I wonder if it’s possible to plug the connector in backwards on the board?

No it is not as bright. Seems a bit dimmer.

Don’t think so. Just tried to plug it in upside down and won’t go in lol

Check the order of the wires colors on the extensions. They may have reversed one. In that case they’ll send you a new extension. It could also be the switch.

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That’s quite frustrating. But thanks for your help!

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