Homing on so3 xxl slowwwwww

Just finished my assembly and ran a homing path, worked great seemed slow! q: can I some how speed it up?
when I ran my hello world my z belt was terribly loose and made for a painful process. Thank you, Ray

Hi Ray,
The default settings are designed to ensure maximum machine accuracy.

I suggest you check your belt tension, and pulley set -screws before changing any settings.

Easy option is moving the gantry to the back right before you turn the machine on and off so it doesn’t have to travel as far.

Thank you both, I just went through and tightened my belts and it made a huge difference in performance ( not in homing but…). Now, I just did a little test run with a v bit and got terrible results. perhaps someone has some ideas of what I’m doing wrong.

thank you Ray

I just went thru a similar conundrum with my machine. Be SURE, absolutely sure, that your pulleys have a set screw on the flat of the shaft AND are good and tight.

You can change the homing velocity via $25. I have mine set to 1500 as I found the default too slow for my liking as well.

I have come to the determination that I will now have to go back and triple check everything. still… I’m very happy with the product, how it was packaged and shipped, delivery time etc. etc. However the INSTRUCTIONS are terrible. honestly it would take a couple of hours to fix! Anyhow, still very pleased and thank you all for the responses.

Ditto on the “instructions”. Everything is for the XXL (I have the XL), the belt tensioners are different, the base is different the left, right assemblies look NOTHING like the “instructions”. I just hope that I can put it together before the end of this year.

If not for this community, I think I would have left it sitting and gathering dust.