Homing problem on shapeoko 3xl

Can someone help me I’m new to Cnc I have a shapeoko 3lx and after putting it together it trying to home at the front of the machine and the only limit switch that calibrated is the z if anyone can help I would appreciate it thanks

Hi @Albert,

Chances are there is something wrong in the wiring of the homing switches.

  • First double-check where they are plugged at the controller board side, as per the assembly instructions.
  • Then if you think everything is wired correctly:
    • turn on the machine, launch Carbide Motion, connect to cutter, but don’t click “Initialize Machine” just yet.
    • instead, go to the Settings page: there is a “GRBL active input pins” section there, that will display a “X”, “Y”, or “Z” text when you manually trigger the homing switches.
    • if you have mechanical switches, just push them to trigger them
    • if you have the proximity switches with the embedded LED, bring a piece of metal near them to trigger them. Do that in turn for the X, Y, then Z switch, and check whether they register.

Don’t try homing until that works, because homing relies on the correct operation of the three switches. If one of the switches does not register, it’s probably a wiring issue (wires plugged in the wrong place probably)

You can also contact support@carbide3d.com to get support, in addition/in parallel to this forum.

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Thanks a lot I really do appreciate it but I already did that

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Ok, if the three switches are ok next step is to make sure you have the right configuration. Did you go in Settings, select your machine size (XL) and the Z-axis option matching your machine, and then click “Send configuration Data” ?

Now this statement of yours make me wonder:

The “homing” itself happens at the back right corner. Does that work ? Make sure you have “BitSetter” Enabled option UNCHECKED in the Settings page while troubleshooting this.

What did you mean by “home at the front of the machine” ?


Do you have your Y stepper motors miswired on the board?

If you have the Y1 & Y2 flipped, the machine will try and home at front instead of back…


I don’t have a bit setter but I checked the wires again and again all looks ok

I must tell you what you said about checking y1 and y2 your correct only thing they were labeled wrong I stitch them and it’s now homed thanks.looking forward to learning from and helping each other going forward.


Let’s thank @David.Curtis for figuring it out then, enjoy your machine now and don’t hesitate if you have any further questions

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