Homing switch install

Does it matter which switch goes where? Have the harness with the 3 switches but curious if a certain switch is for a certain axles??

The ones I received are identical in length of wire so it makes no difference as far as that goes from what I can tell.

I’m installing right now, I’m trying to follow instructions here

I believe it does matter, in the 3rd or 4th picture it labels them X Z Y

Thanks that solved problem

Sorry I didn’t understand the question I guess, the switches themselves are identical, where you place them will determine what port they get plugged into.

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Ok; so I have all limit switchs installed. My question is; do u need to enter the bed size in carbide motion or something to prevent the machine from hitting the other sides that do not have switches?? If so how to do and values for the xxl. Thnks