Horizontal spindle

Anyone ever mount a spindle in the horizontal position?

I am thinking of a way to add a small diameter, i.e. 2" diamond saw blade to cut glass on the 3xl.

Thanks for any input.

Could you use the diamond etcher blade to score the glass to then snap it off?

The diamond saw would only be able to cut in one direction with the spindle mounted horizontally.

Diamond drag engravers don’t really mark deeply enough to reliably score for breaking the glass — folks have done it, but it’s not something we support.

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I plan to either use a jig or a cnc rotary table that I have to cut in the other direction I have a tolerance of +/- .005" for the cuts so snap cutting won’t hold the tolerance or give me a good enough edge. And i was planning on water cooling the blade so i have to figure out an enclosure. Parts are only 3" square so travel will be short. Thanks Pete

Could you mount the pieces at the front in a vertical orientation and cut them from there?

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What if you mounted a glass cutter in the same fashion as a drag knife? like a glass cutting wheel with a .25’ shank that free wheels in the spindle?

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Will, mounting the glass vertical on an angle block sounds like a better solution. Thinking outside the box :slight_smile:
Removes the challenge of building another holder for the spindle.
Now I just have to figure out how to make an enclosure so I can water cool the diamond blade.
I was going to remove the mdf from the bottom and put some plastic around the perimeter.
Keep the bottom open and put a catch tank for the coolant with a pump.
I just need to make sure I build something across the bottom of the collet so the water doesn’t get into the spindle.

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