How about a GardenOko?

Like this


Yeah, I have high hopes for this sort of thing, if society can adapt to fit it in for ordinary folks as opposed to large corporations.

The problem of course is the run-of-the-mill person is too busy paying their cable and cell phone bill and enjoying same than to invest in capital such as this, or to set it up and monitor it.

The question is: What does homesteading look like in the 21st century?

The hard questions are:

  • how does society cope with reduced taxes at the grocery store if more people grow their own food?
  • how balanced a diet can one manage thusly?
  • can one manage to fertilize things without objectionable, noxious smells and so forth? (current industrial farming practices use 10 calories of petro-chemical energy for each 1 calorie of food energy which is produced, including a massive run-off of fertilizer into the ocean which is its own problem)

I’ve always wanted to do this!

I’ve seen this before but really, how can you justify the cost of the robot? On cost alone, you could probably buy 10 years of vegetables for the price of the unit, not including the cost of the seeds/plants, electricity, water, etc. not to mention the cost and time required for maintenance of the system. At this time, if you want a home garden, enjoy the experience; water, fertilize and remove your weeds by hand.

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I showed the video to my wife (the gardener). Her initial reaction was “ho, hum” but then as the video went on she yelled “IT WEEDS!”

Shows understanding your market is important