How can I obtain a bright and colorful finish on my pieces?

Hello, since I started doing 3D carvings there is something that was bothering me. For some reason my first piece got a really bright and colorful yellow finish that I completly love and captivate people’s gaze

Sorry about the picture quality, since I already sold the piece I can’t provide more photos

But since then all my others works look dull in comparision, which makes no sense to me since I’m using the same product (Lasur Impra Light Nogal - Local brand from Colombia)

This one in particular looks too dull, lifeless, too dark

This one looks decent, but still has a dull sky in comparison with the horse

Same result here (Please remember that I’m using the same Yellow/Light Nogal Lasur)


What do you guys would recommend to finish an oak 3D carving to obtain a beautiful and bright finish? Thanks.


I am a woodworker new to cnc. Your cnc work is terrific. Part of what we love about wood is the natural grain and coloring of each piece. Since you are using a clear finish, there is little you can do beyond selecting a different species to carve on. Grain patterns are interesting yet also may absorb finish and light differently than other parts of the same wood. These things must be considered when setting up a given pattern for a given piece of material. Since you are carving away mush of the surface, try applying some finish to the uncut piece first to see if that satisfies your eye. If yes, go ahead. If no, pick different art or another piece of material. Experience will come with practice. You already have a good eye for the carving, so you’re closer than you may think.

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Hi Bryan

Great work.

Wood, stains and finishes all react differently even on the same item from top to bottom. It also will fluctuate from how the material is milled.

The 3D Horse looks like a different species from the other items which may explain the bright/shiny look that you like.

The more open the wood fibers are the more they will absorb the stain and the finish.

You can try a sanding sealer to close off the wood fibers or use a pre stain treatment that helps reduce any blotchy spots. a combination of the two above may even work. Try these on scraps of the same species you are working with.

The finish Lasur Impra Light Nogal from what i have read on it seems to be a very good product. Again the product may work on one species but act completely differently on another.

Rubio Monocoat is another great product that is used on table tops and it requires one coat and comes in several finish colors and sheen’s

Another option is to use a clear epoxy finish. I used this on some pine to seal the grain before I applied the colored epoxy, this eliminated the absorption of the colored epoxy into the fibers.

I always test the finish on a scrap cut off.

Hope this helps!



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