How do I carve parallel lines

So i am trying to carve a bunch of parallel lines 3/8" apart. Plan on using a 90 degree v bit, the cut is not very deep like just a 1/32" deep.

Ended up drawing a bunch of rectangles to get my parallel lines, but had a constant empty toolpath error.

Just starting out and becoming very frustrated. I can cut these with the laser but wanted the V groove effect.
Appreciate any help.

  • Use some polylines to mark each cut. If you set your grid spacing to 3/8" you can draw from the grid points, or draw one line and use the Array feature to multiply them at constant distance apart.
  • Toolpath is contour, no offset, pick a depth you like, use a V bit you like.


This will leaved rounded ends.


If you want rectangular shapes made with the V endmills you will need to assign a V carving toolpath to them:

The current beta seems to round things off a bit, but it should cut w/ square ends:

If you’re talking about overlapping rectangles, don’t do that. V-Carve gets confused.

Cut the horizontal lines in one path, and the vertical in another path.

Otherwise, sounds like Michael’s suggestion is what you’re wanting to do.


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