How do I drill holes

I am trying to figure out how to use carbide create to drill holes. My stock is 12.75 x 7.75. I want to drill 1/8 holes every inch. This is my first time trying to figure this out with no luck.

Put circles w/ their centers where you want to drill at.

Use the Linear array command if desired to create multiples on 1" spacing.

Then assign a Drill toolpath w/ appropriate setting to the desired depth.

Does it matter the size of the circle?

No, but I like to make it the size of the expected hole.

Ok I have all the circles. How do I reduce them to 1/8 ? On my design page the radius is 0.4631. How do I change it to 0.1250? Or should I just leave that?

I believe I figured it out. Scaled it down to the size I need

Thank you for your help

When you select a circle, a field should appear on the left to enter the radius. 0.125 diameter is 0.0625 radius :wink:

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What @Tod1d said works for a single circle. I dont think you can reduce all the circles at once. So maybe delete all of them and start over with the array command with the proper size circle.

Thank you. I actually did what you suggested. I deleted and made one the size i needed and duplicated it.

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