How do I load a file with Vcarve

I figured out how to use Vcarve with tutorials, but nobody has shown how to upload a saved file from the computer to the Shapeoko 3.Is there a special. What am I missing here? I don’t have any problem uploading with Carbide, but there are some pictures I would like to carve. Is there a specific g-code to use?

Is what you need to know covered at:

If not, let us know where you’re stuck and we’ll do our best to assist.

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I use Vcarve Pro and my workflow is: Vcarve design, create toolpath(s), save gcode, I used to copy my gcode at my design computer to a flash drive and then paste it on my Carbide Motion computer where I would run it with Carbide Motion. Now my computers are all networked so I have eliminated the flash drive. As for saving the gcode, if you don’t have the bitsetter, just use the Vcarve Shapeoko post processor - saving one toolpath for each bit. If you do have the bitsetter, use @neilferreri post processor. If you are using one computer for both design and control, you would save the gcode with the appropriate post processor, then load that into Carbide Motion.


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