How do I make the V Carve path go deeper

Any help with this? I am trying to carve a text with a .125 ball and cannot tell carbide create how deep I want the overall lettering to be. Is there a way to change that?


Do you really want to do a V-carve with a ball endmill ? 99.9% of the time you will want to use a V-bit.
Anyhow, when vcarving the depth is set by the width of features inside which you carve, so you cannot set it yourself. In some CAM programs you can set a limit depth for vcarving toolpaths, but not in Carbide Create.


I thin k that there is a terminology issue here, if you want to carve a line with a ball end, you would use a contour toolpath, for VCarcing you would use a Vbit. The Vbit will try to “join” both sides of the vector forming a letter.

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Thanks for your response. What would you suggest I do to carve a text?

I understand that part. When I go to toolpath and create using contour option and then choose pocket, nothing happens. But when I choose vcarve, I can then carve text.

check this out, use it for letters

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Contour and pocket are two different toolpaths. The contour will follow a line with the bit (inside, outside or on the line) while a pocket will cut everything between the lines. Of course for a pocket, you need to have the room for the bit to pass in between and a closed vector. For example, a pocket would not work when there are two parallel lines or if the space is too small for the bit to pass between the lines of a closed vector.

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how do i set the parameters for an amana tool in carbide create? if i can’t do that, is there another software i need to download?

See here

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Thanks for your help :call_me_hand:t2:

To elaborate, for V carving in Carbide Create (and most programs) you can go deeper by using a V endmill with a sharper taper angle.

Guidelines for how taper angle should relate to feature size at:

While Carbide Create doesn’t support doing a V carving with a ball-nosed endmill, the opensource program F-Engrave from Scorchworks does.


I manually lower the v-bit about a 1/6th after zero when I know it will not cut deep enough.

Thanks guys, I was just going to ask the same question after using my V bit today :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone does this,just make sure that your safe Z height is high enough to provide adequate clerance,especially if you workpiece is not flat.


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