How do I pocket cut between vectors

I’m trying to cut out this stl blues stanley cup champions sign. I want to pocket cut around the banners, blues note, Stanley cup and the text, but I can’t figure out how.

I understand it’s not its own vector so is there a way to pocket between vectors? Or any ideas how to go about doing this?

I can also send the. c2d file if anyone wants it.

You need to:

  • select both vectors (inside/outside)
  • assign a pocket toolpath
  • use an endmill which has sufficient flute length to make the cut and which is at least 10% smaller than the narrowest section of the pocket
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This is what it gave me. I want to do the exact opposite though lol. I want everything in blue to pop and everything in white pocketed out.

The very outside 2 lines are 1 vector. I think that’s what is hanging me up. At the bottom of the blues note is a gap and then comes back around. I created a curved line at the bottom and connected it to the nodes to try and make it the same vector.

Is this what your after? @CrazyCasey

Pulled this image.…0…1…gws-wiz-img…35i39j0j0i8i30.qvkVjMsh1Nc#imgrc=aYXIwhz_WF7k5M:

Converted using convertio

Just cleaned up a bit in CC and selected toolpath- contour- pocket- .063 endmill

placed a square around image and it resulted in the exact opposite…- what you were getting before

Blues_2019_Champs_Official_-_for_websites_2000x (937.5 KB)
This is the .c2d file


I think that outer closed vector around it was reversing your desired results


Yes! That’s pretty close to how I want it. Thank you!

I just ordered 1/16" endmill this morning so I’ll have to wait a couple days. That outside vector was definitely giving me troubles.

I used Inkscape to convert to svg, but I’ll check out convertio too. So how did you fix the outside vector to where you could pocket between it? Or did you use a different image? I added a curved line at the bottom, but couldn’t figure out how to combine the 2 vectors. Not sure if that would’ve helped, but that’s what I was hoping😂 Thanks @mjmike69688!

Hopefully I can use the image I already have since I cleaned up most of the shadows and straightened the bottom part of the letters and stuff like that.

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if you right click the image above it will save as an SVG,
I uploaded that image into CC
Took about 45 sec of clean up… little dots
and selected everything
set toolpath to pocket thats it

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