How do you get a support call?

What does it take to get carbide to actually call you? I’ve had my machine for 2 weeks. It didn’t come with a sweepy, the bit setter has made the front panel short out and smoke 3 times and my spindle spins in reverse. I’ve requested a call each time and all I get back is an email sending new parts. Pretty infuriating considering how much you spend on this thing.

Did you request to talk to someone?

My experience has been really good, you just need to schedule a time with them and they will help you out.

I’ve filled out the request call every time and i one get emails. I literally wrote please please please call me I’m begging you …and they emailed me

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Ugh, sorry. They are really good when you get them. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough start. Don’t give up.

Sorry for the delay, support has been slammed for two days so the queue is longer than normal. We’ve been light on people because they’re using up their vacation for the year. It should begin getting back to normal now.

It looks like a parts request went to shipping this afternoon. (Which mean I think the talked to you, but I’m not sure)


Having the same problem… Heard all about the legendary phone support and I’m sitting here with a paper weight in front of me…

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