How do you replicate objects

Once I create an object, (lets assume a dimensiooned rectangle) I want to replicate it across my template multiple times without manually recreating the object each time,

Is there a shortcut to this trick?

Control (command on a Mac) c will duplicate.


Thanks for your response. I should have mentioned i use WIN 10. I tried all the control and shift keys but I am not able to duplicate the object, All I can do is move it around, which is not my objective.

CTRL-C does the trick. Beware, however, that if you copy an object that is made up of multiple objects, it will be “unjoined” when it’s copied.

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Also, recognize that this isn’t like a normal CTRL-C which copies but does not replicate (until you press CTRL-V or “paste” it)…CTRL-C does the actual cut AND paste.

Are you using layers?

Windows 10:

control c

I studied the Keyboard layout supplied by WillAdams and figured it out. Didn’t work initially until I held down the Control and C key together which yielded over 50 replications. Figured out you only have to tap the control and C once to replicate a highlighted selection. Many thanks.

Aware that you only duplicate what you select.

Thanks to all.

WillAdams, where are the keyboard and OTHER tips hiding. I went t into the help tutorial and the forum and I must have missed the references to this gem of information.

The keyboard shortcut chart is an unofficial thing which I prepared, so not part of the official docs.

You may also find:

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