How Do You Update Stock While In A Project

How do you update your stock size and thickness within a project?
The only time I have “Setup” available is when a new project is started.
I design the project and cut.
Then I wish to run the project again however the new stock is .25" thicker lets say.
Where do I go to adjust these settings?

Click in an empty area to deselect everything, the various setup options will then be available.

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Good lord, dumb question of the day is answered.
Off all the programs I have run over the years I have never seen page/stock setup selected from the grid.
Thanks for the answer.

It’s not selected from the grid, but on the basis of nothing being selected — the logic is one wants to affect the project as a whole, not effect a change specfic to a currently selected something.

If you have a stock size change after creating toolpaths I would advise that if cutting through always use “t” instead of bottom of stock. Using the “t” will automatically update the tool paths when saving the project. In the older versions of CC using bottom of stock did not update existing tool paths. So using the “t” will automatically update your tool paths. You should review pockets to make sure you are updated properly so you cut them the depth you intend.

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Yes, thanks for the tip. I usually use t and sometimes a negative formula so it can simply pop out.

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