How long can you let a Pro 5 sit idle?

I just made the first McEtcher cut on Acrylic and painted it with acrylic paint.
I have learned you can let the paint dry and then rub of the excess. The non-machined surface clears off relatively easily.

A Contour path with a 501 engraving bit is next. That will be painted a different color.

I am wondering a how long people let a Pro 5 sit without movement .

My ambient temperature is 65 deg F .
The steppers are 77 deg F and the controller is 102 deg F.

I have had loss of origin ( a couple of thousands ) before, so I want keep the machine on for a couple of hours.

Any thoughts or checks I should think about ?

At idle with the power on is the maximum stress on a stepper motor. That said letting your machine idle for a few hours will not hurt anything. You just dont want to leave a Shapeoko on all the time.

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Ok. I will go with that.
The components temperature never went up past the original numbers.