How long until Nomad 3?


I’ve been super excited to hear that a new nomad is coming and been hoping to snatch one up soon. I saw a previous thread about a new nomad version from July that has now been closed. Are there any updates? Does anyone know about the anticipated release date?


I have no insider info but I remember seeing an Instagram thread mentioning “by the end of October”, however I can’t seem to find it now, so it may be my own Nomad craving talking…


I think we plan on a official update towards the end of the week.


Looking forward to the update.

I wonder if you should make it as “loud” as possible using those social-nonsense channels?

After discovering it on, I was watching an independent youtube review of the new Bantam Tools “Nomad-like” machine. The fellow in it said at the end “Hopefully now Bantam tools have made a self-contained desktop CNC machine, others will start to enter the desktop milling machine market space”. Or words to that effect. I was left thinking - “Um… Nomad?”.


I imagine that your reviewer’s mind, like mine, sees “CNC mill” as “CNC mill that can handle metals well”, as hobbyist manufacturing using plastics feels a bit odd with a mill in this age of 3D printing.

With that in mind, the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC is a very different beast to the current Nomad. Bantam Tools is very clear about their machine being intended for machining Aluminium while the Nomad can be used to mill Aluminium but that doesn’t really seem to be its raison d’être.

Nomad 3 though, with its (hopefully) upgraded spindle, should be a real competitor to the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC.


Ive put about 40 hours on the new Bantam and I’m excited to see the new Nomad 3. With all these desktop machines, the Carbide Motion interface is probably my favorite and has been the most reliable.

Hopefully we’ll see some advanced probing.


Would you mind expanding more on the Bantam? I’m trying to decide between that and a Nomad 3 when available. Thanks.

I’m not sure of the appropriateness of links to direct competitors on this forum… but google always knows.

Google only gives reviews that are really just advertisements for this one.

Yeah here really isn’t the place to review the Bantam and it wouldn’t make sense to compare it against the 883Pro.

The Nomad 3 has had some very significant upgrades that should make testing very interesting

I think the Nomad 3 will be showcased in 10minutes on Carbide 3D’s official youtube channel, they have preview there right now

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They just announced it, 9000-20000rpm. Same 8x8 inch machining size I think. Expected around 15th of October. Really curious if it can machine PCBs

I thought you might be willing to offer your opinion since you mentioned using it for 40 hrs. Hopefully with regards to your upgraded nomad.

9K-24K RPM range, can confirm it can machine PCBs :slight_smile:


Even better. I would love to see a review of the machine. Maybe by the tested channel on youtube! Would be great publicity for you guys as well

I’d love to see some real probing routines in Carbide Motion.

Bantam did well with theirs but I think if C3D implemented some really useful probing it would really compliment these new awesome machines

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Yes that would be great, I think they actually touched on that during the reveal. They wanted to make some more upgrades and that was one that came up. So hopefully it will be in the final version!

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