How much faster can I push the #202 cutter?

3D parallel toolpath, finishing operation… stock to leave was .02 radial and axial after a 3D adaptive. Note the 200% overide.

FYSA still a 2.5hr job.

What’s the stepover and material?

sorry… of course. Sugar Maple and .02" Stepover

You’ll probably get much more MRR (material removal rate) with a larger stepover, which is probably what you really want. You should be able to get close to .2" or so stepover, with .2"-.4" depth of cut (DOC) without much trouble, but likely slow the feed down, and use a gentle entry (helix) It’ll take a bit of experimentation, but that .25" tool can remove a lot of material! If you want to stick with the .02" finish, then keep adding speed until you start getting a finish you don’t like…and back up a couple steps. You’ll need to regenerate the paths to get past “200%” - but that’s easy enough in fusion.

It’s a finishing pass? I’m going for very minor sanding / finishing work after i’m done aka No cusps so the small step over is intentional.

Ok, then just keep cranking it up. A heavy tool like that can take a lot of force, for finish quality this will be more about machine rigidity than what the tool will take. You may want to create a little sample project to test your speed/finish quality with.

Well lets find the limits then. Just so I’m understanding correctly when I increase the feedrate in carbide motion to 200% that means that the 100in/min feedrate in the toolpath settings is = 200? aka, Nothing else is getting doubled?

Yes, but it also doubles the plunge rates - any feed rate will be doubled. The easiest way to do this is set it a lot higher than you expect to work, then before running the job set the feed override to 1% and work it up from there with the feed override until you get what you want. I find that results in a lot less regeneration cycles when I’m way off in my initial guess.


Ah I see; I was going to go with i know double works so set it to that and see if double of double works.

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