How to add a 3 flute vee bit

I walked through the training on how to add bits to the library. Now I have a sisona 1/423T*60 which is a 60 degree three fluted vee bit. When I add to library there is not a place to put how many flutes - it seems to auto populate 2 as the answer. Also in regard to the other options - what should I be putting? Thank you in advance.

A lot of the information you could add simply isn’t used - number of flutes is one of them. It’s a holdover from when CC would calculate F&S, but now CC uses the F&S you provide to it.

So, the most important information is the geometry of the bit (endmill, V etc), angle (if appropriate for that bit), diameter, and the F&S.

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So theoretically because it is 1/4 and is a 60, it should most likely match the feed/speed of the 302?

That would be a start. There are a lot of F&S calculators on the internet that will let you put in the parameters of your bit and calculate the F&S needed. The user Julien has a F&S calculator on a github page. I cannot remember exactly but I think it is Shapeoko A-Z. Give that a search on the forum to find the link.

Here is a link for a site to do F&S:

Also check out this post here on the forum:

The #302 is a 1/2" bit, so it’s not a perfect match. The F&S are a good place to start, but you can likely increase the feedrate a fair bit, just because your bit takes 3 cuts per rev instead of 2 for the #302. Also, since it’s 1/4" instead of 1/2", it will never be cutting as much as the #302 could in one pass.

I’d start with the #302, fix the diameter, then increase the feedrate by 25%. From there maybe do a couple of test cuts in some scrap (of similar material), and use the feedrate override to see if it sounds OK as you increase the feedrate. If it seems fine, edit the tool for the feedrate you like.

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