How to add tools version 741

Could someone point me in the direction on how to add tools in 741 version. I looked at previous posts and went to About/Open Data Directory/Carbide Create/Tools but there was nothing in the folder. Saw no where else to proceed. Perhaps there is a newer process.

Thanks in advance.

In order to add tools you will need to create a .csv file — create or duplicate a library and there will be a .csv file to edit in the tools sub-directory.

Once a library has been added you may add tools to it using the user interface by right-clicking.

So I go into Edit/Show Tool Database then select a tool group…example Carbide 3D Shapeoko - Hardwood then “Duplicate Library” correct?

If I desire to add a 10 degree and 20 degree Vee bit…where do I find the recommended feed rates, Cut Depth and RPM. Are there standards, say specifically for hardwood that are recommended?


I added a 30 degree V endmill:

but you should check w/ your endmill manufacturer for specific.

For further information see:

I would not duplicate an existing library. Just create a new library and add your custom tool/tools. Then if you want you can follow the data directory to further edit the tool.

If you duplicate a library you are adding a bunch of existing tools. Now that might be what you want and then modify existing tools with your own parameters but if adding a tool that is not already existing then a new library and add tools to that new library.

I’m having a problem when saving its not populating in the tool database. any suggestions?

Is there an error message?

Did you make a new User Library?

Could you post a screengrab showing an attempt at adding a tool which doesn’t work?

figured it out. I was using the wrong css file type for the software to understand it.