How to arc a logo image?

Is there a way to arc a logo image in Carbide Create Pro?


I want arc it around a curve with the image at the bottom of the arc.


Bryan M.

If you have the text as text this can be done using the Text tool:

just check “Enable” under Arc:

and adjust the positioning:

and then convert to Curves per:

and if desired, use Trim Vectors to address the overlaps:

since it will allow for control:

Note that some overlapping areas may want a bit of adjustment via Node Editing:


Continue until one arrives at:


Join Vectors:


Clean up by finding the one open vector which was left over:

and delete

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What @WillAdams shows below is part of the free CC. The Pro only adds some 3d stuff otherwise the Pro is the same as the free version.

If you are going to create logos on a regular basis check out Affinity products. They are very cheap and have 3 applications plus some MAC specific ones. There is Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. The Designer is great for designing SVGs and the Photo editor is very similar to Photoshop. The Publisher combines both the Designer and Photo to produce integrated output for brochures and print/advertising media. The Designer is stand alone as well as the Photo but the Publisher integrates it all together.

They are currently having a 30% off offer and sometimes gives up 50% off.

I think they have a free trial but you would have to check that out on your own.

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