How to best create CNC-friendly wood joinery

Although it’s been quite a while since I looked at the dogbone extension, it didn’t leave much for customization. It centered the circle on the corners which will leave gaps in your piece. Although it can get tedious, I’d still recommend drawing the dogbones.


Joinery type: various simple but fun CNC options including dovetail, finger joints, rabbit, etc.
Stock thickness for me is often 0.75 inches
Project dimensions: Vary but boards are often around 4 inches wide
Desired features: Some I want efficiency and some I want to be pretty

I saw your impressive stuff replicating that Rockler dado/plywood box blade profile. I’m a hobby programmer (python and R) and would be interested in partnering up if you would find that useful. I’m currently using Fusion 360, but also run into this issue, where simple dimension tweaks to model or stock waste a tone of time just to re-generating/expor paths.

I thought that was really cool and if you start up something anew, or want to investigate a robust/flexible generator, open source and programmatically generated CAD and/or tool paths are very, very much of interest to me. I use linux most of the time, so this fills a huge gap where there are not many, if any, [good] options.


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The Fingermaker software is now freely available as noted at: