How to Chamfer a 45 (in wood)

So I was playing with learning and decided I want to understand how to add a 45 to a profile after making an initial operation with a 1/4 bit. What is the best way to ad a 45 on the inside profile?


how to 45.c2d (153.8 KB)

Thank you

Assuming you’re using a 90 degree endmill inset and offset the path by the depth which you wish the chamfer to extend to, then select the two new paths and cut as a V carving.

You’ll also need to set the profile path to outside and make its cutting depth as deep or deeper than the chamfer:

how to 45.c2d (415.1 KB)

Thank you - Will


My next question would be; how would you go about getting a nice, clean point when chamfering an inside point? For example, at the top of the heart where the two rounded points meet? If you just use a simple tool path around the perimeter of the heart, you’d get a rounded edge at that point, right?

No, it shouldn’t be rounded — the V carve toolpath should preserve the crisp details.

ahhh…vcarve. i misunderstood. My Bad, thx man

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