How to chose where the Shapeoko Pro Parks after a Job?

Consistently breaking end mills when the machine finishes a job and runs into all the work holding.

How do I choose where the machine parks after a job?

Right now I have to pull power after every job and reset the machine. Definitely not ideal and I also have not been able to find how to do this online. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms?

Ideally I need to specify X, Y, and Z coordinates,

Thank you.

What program are you using to control the machine?

If you are using Carbide Motion, there is no way to change the end-of-job behavior. There’s a feature request here:

You would need to use a program which allows editing the post-processor to add the requisite movements.

Alternately, set safety/retract height so that the machine lifts high enough to clear any clamps.

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