How to combine tools?

I have a project with different toolpaths, that use advanced vcarve, means use 2 tools (flat one a vee 60 deg.).
signatureplexi.c2d (3.2 MB)

Now every toolpath starts with tool1, change to tool2, and continues to the next toolpath, hange required to tool1, then to tool 2, and so forth.

Any idea how to combine the toolpaths that I only need to change once?

I don’t think that is possible in CC without creating different paths for the clearing operations and then skipping the clearing bit in the advanced V carve. I think Vectric has an option to do something like that to minimize changes.

Alternatively select all the vectors for the Advanced V Carve operations and do a single toolpath with the clearing enabled. The different pieces don’t need to be connected logically to be in the same path. The only thing that would force you to different paths would be different depths or if the geometry doesn’t lend itself for some reason.

It’s not possible to do this for multiple V carving toolpaths — the best one can manage is to alternate whether pockets are cut first or no so as to minimize things.

All of the Advanced V carving toolpaths in your file seem to have the same settings, so rather than almost 400 minutes cutting separate toolpaths it’s easier to edit each, select the vectors, put those on a layer for Adv. V carving:

and then cut those in one toolpath:

Great idea! TY! Still 408 minutes simulated time, but one toolpath with just 1 tool change. TY! Time does not bother, it is a complex pattern, and I always have to do things in the shop. I also can monitor the machine with a camera, so I can go different rooms. I never leave the house, not even to go to the garage without pausing the carve.

I have to go to the bathroom on long jobs and leave for a few minutes. I also work around the shop on long jobs but within earshot of machine.

Leaving for long periods or leaving home is a disaster waiting to happen.

See this video:


Smoke detectors are a wonderful thing.

Folks should not leave the machines running unattended as noted in the Machine Operating Checklist.

For folks who want some added safety, there are automatic fire extinguishers (the presence of which does not absolve one of the expectation of monitoring):

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But yet we do, and will continue to do so.

I learned it the hard way, fire department followed a smoke detector that went off, before something terrible happened. I did never read something like that before, was some years ago, when I started to work with the CNC. Later, now with the Shapeoko, it started to burn again, 1 year ago, I was around, stopped everything.

Yes, William, that happens. A lot of power in a power tool, a lot.

Anyone experience with the fire suppression balls? Recently the CPSC warned customers not to use those. They say those balls can fail to extinguish the fire. I say, that may be. But anything can fail to extinguish a fire. And the earlier something goes off, be it that ball or me with a manual one, the better a fire can be under control. So I lean towards getting some of those for our house. So any opinion? Anyone tested one or some of them?

All I know is that they have been mentioned here and are for sale.

A sprinkler system is probably much better, but also markedly more expensive.

I have 3 fire extinguishers and an industrial first aid kit in my shop. I am a long way from the volunteer fire department and they get there in time to roast marshmallows over the coals. Better to have them and not need than to need them and NOT have them. @Steve.Mc above I hope you never have to test your theory of leaving and return to a burnt down shell.

Remember Smoky the Bear “Only you can prevent forest fires” and shop fires.

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It’s “Smokey Bear”, There is no “the” in his name.

Vectric does have some helpful short videos that you can access. Check them out!
This one might at least give you some ideas, but, remember that it might not work in CC. Make sure to pick up the entire LINK to paste into your Browser. There is an “s” on a line by itself that is a part of the link.

Array Copy & Merging Toolpaths Guide - 2D Toolpaths


That’s a link to a file on your hard drive. I don’t think he can access it. :wink:

I think you may have wanted this link: Create Merged Toolpath - VCarve Pro V9.0 User Manual

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Thanks Tod1d - I’m glad you caught my mistake as I wanted that up for others as well.
That is a good site to browse through for a variety of information concerning CNC problems.
Again, I know that it isn’t strictly Carbide info - but, it can help people with ideas of HOW to solve some of their problems…