How to compensate for damaged VBit

Hi I’m trying my hand at Vbit engraving using some 20 deg bits. Of course the tips are VERY fragile and I’ve managed to snap off a couple. but don’t really want to just throw them away. I know these are very fine but larger degree tools loose detail and cannot get in between some of the plug areas. Is it possible to still use these if I compensate for the increased radius of the tool size in the plug. Is the tip size used in CC’s calculations or should I alter the tool diameter to reflect the cutting size.

Most CAM programs assume a sharp point. You can compensate by adjusting your Z-zero to where the sharp point would’ve been. Depending on how much you lost, you may lose detail.

As Niel says, toolpaths are generated based on the assumption the tool has a sharp point.

If it is possible to reasonably accurately measure the snapped tip, and your software-of-choice supports “engraving bits”, you might be able to redefine them as such by specifying the equivalent of the “F” parameter here:

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