How to contour cut with V bit?

For some reason when I select the V bit to do a contour/outline cut, the simulator image shows a straight cut. See image attached.
When I select Advanced VCarve, it works, but can I not select inside or outside cut? I didn’t see that as an option.

My goal is to cut all the way through the outline border with the V bit.


Under “Advanced VCarve” toolpath, does the bit just follow the outside line?
Again, I don’t many options, just starting depth and max depth.
Is that right?

this is a limitation of the preview part of the tool… unless you do a vcarve explicitly it seems to model a straight bit

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As @fenrus noted, V endmills don’t preview correctly unless they are used in V carving.

If you wish to V carve along a given path you can select the geometry, offset it to the inside and the outside to create the width necessary to cut to the desired depth.

Oh ok, it’s bc of the preview limitations, but the Advanced VCarve preview seems to work.
We can’t expect a whole lot, given this is a basic app.
Now I know, so thank you.

And now you know and knowing is half the battle, GI Joe.

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I entered the specs for the RC1145, 45 deg bit, but it didn’t cut correctly.

It was 0.25” off (too big, outside cut). I entered the diameter as 0.8125” (13/16”), see attached.
How does the CC app adapt the vee bit to the cut line? Depth and the diameter of the bit? 13/16” is the maximum diameter right?

If you’re just using a contour cut it would offset by the diameter of the V endmill at the top (assuming that was what you entered).

This is why it’s best to offset the geometry in and out and cut those two paths together as a V carve.

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