How to convert STL to CAM in Fusion 360

I have a STL file that i wanna work with in Fusion 360 and use on my Nomad 883.

I have managed to get some of those mesh triangles out and merged the panels, but all corners and holes are still full of triangles. Any ideas?

cessna master switch panel 1.stl (491.3 KB)

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It’s not going to convert the triangles to fitted arcs. Where this has been critical to me, I’ve projected to a sketch, created the hole there, removed the hole in the original, and “pulled” a new hole into the object in the same place that’s an actual hole instead of a meshed surface. You could do the same thing with the outside curves, but it’s kind of a hassle.

This is really just a limitation of what STL is meant to represent - it’s supposed to be an output format that’s easy to render, it’s an awful interchange format.


Youtube Lars Christensen for some insight to working with polygon file types in Fusion360 CAD AND CAM tools:

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