How to create a fixed width path from text?

Hi all.

I am working on a sign that uses silicone LED strips that are 4.7mm wide. I would like to be able to create text wording on the sign that is exactly 4.7mm wide so that the lettering will fit snugly in the sign. I don’t see a way to create wording that has a controllable “stroke”. Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?

Do you mean you want your text to all be 4.7mm in width so your lights will fit inside?

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I think you need to start with a single stroke font.

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Yes, I’m trying to create a channel that the lights will fit snugly into. They are exactly 4.7mm wide so a channel of that width would be perfect. I just did the same thing in F360 but it was a real pain so I was hoping CC had a simpler way to do it.

Thanks David. I looked around and there seems to be quite a few. Have you used any yourself and can you share the name of the font if you have?

If you start with a font which is reasonably uniform in stroke thickness, set it so that it is a bit more than 4.7mm in width for the narrowest stroke, then you inset 2.35mm, then offset to the outside by 2.35mm.

You could look to other tools to help out. If you have an image of the text you want, then something like Inkscape + the “Center line Trace” extension sounds promising.

I haven’t tried this myself, just what I’ve found on the Web.

EDIT - since Inkscape 1.0, center line trace is now integrated.

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