How to create in Carbide program for laser engraving

Good afternoon! Please tell me how it is possible to create a control program for laser engraving and cutting wood in the program (so that the z axis does not move and the laser turns off when moving from one section to another). Thanks!!!

Hi @zenner,

Carbide Create is not really designed to support laser jobs at this time. For the laser to stop and start at each movement, the post-processor needs to issue specific G-code commands (M3/M5) for each movement, and since this is not compatible with CNC jobs (which can’t start/stop the spindle all the time), the post-processors in Carbide Create are not doing that.

Your best best is to get G-code control software that is intended to support laser jobs. Lightburn is the most popular commercial option ($60), or you could try the free LaserGRBLsoftware.

Regardless of the control software, you will need to enable GRBL’s laser mode on the controller (by setting $32 to 1). And reset it to $32=0 when using GRBL in CNC mode. You cannot easily mix CNC and laser toolpaths within the same G-code file, so you need to run the jobs separately, in the correct mode.


Thank you for your complete answer! thank!