How to Create Sloping/Rounded Shoulders?

Can you create a rounded or sloping shoulder as an outline for a project? So far when I make my cutout for my project it creates a straight down cut - is there a way to have the cut out with no edge? Have it sloping gradually?

Something like this ?

or with a less basic shape

You can do that with Carbide Create Pro features


I have the silhouette of a salmon that I want to cut out but I don’t want the edge of the cut out to go straight down, I want it to be beveled on a piece of wood 1 inch think with the bevel only going down 0.5 inches. So using your suggestion if I choose the outline and make a rounded model, limit height, max height 0.5 inches, Add, and a Base height of 0.
This shows as a flat top that has bevel my edge all the way around. Looks like what I want.

But when I go to do a 3D rough toolpath it produces a pocket…???

Be aware that cutting that bevel is a bit different than drawing it - it’ll take a small stepdown to make it look good, and probably some post machine handwork.

Please post the file — note that to cut a 3D modeled shape you need to select the outer geometry you’ll be removing, not that of the shape you want left.

it looks like your 3d model highest point is lower than the top of your material…

that’s fixable by making sure there’s either a base layer or a “add” in the 3D model

Heresalmon frlief.c2d (1.6 MB) is the file.